“Al Liwan” and the Construction of the National Narrative

Television programs are an important part of Ramadan across the Arab world. Every year, different shows compete against each other to win the loyalty of viewers, promising daily doses of entertainment for thirty consecutive days. This Ramadan, however, television programs have been tainted by the political climate in the region. Some shows went the extra […]

The Evolution of the Culture of Exclusion

Observers of the social media scene in Saudi Arabia may have noticed a growing sense of nationalism among its users. Expressing nationalist sentiments has become a ritual and an important part of the daily life of Saudis. The strong sense of nationalism coincided with the disappearance of any other critical voice. Has nationalism contributed to the evolution of […]

The Fight Against the Muslim Brotherhood in the Education Sector

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood has been a turbulent one. Formally listed in 2014 as a terrorist organization, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood began to be actively challenged. However, their power over the education sector is considered the most problematic. Ahmed Al-Issa, Minister of Education, expressed in March that “the invasion […]

How Genuine are Reforms Targeting Women in Saudi Arabia? A Comparison between Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Reforms targeting women in Saudi Arabia have generated mixed reactions. Some expressed optimism with reforms introduced thus far in comparison to the slow pace experienced over the past years which was meant to accommodate the conservative faction of society. The “shock therapy” technique followed by the new leadership emphasizes the importance of introducing reforms with […]