Why the Outrage? The Case of Rahaf Al-Qunon

The case of Rahaf Al-Qunon, the Saudi woman who fled to Canada earlier this month, generated public and private debate among Saudis. The international support she received was faced with equal criticism at home. The social media outrage demonstrates the various constrains women face in the patriarchal society. Saudi Feminism as Radicalism Saudi feminists have […]

The Growing Momentum of Women’s Solidarity in Saudi Arabia

The socio-economic structure of Saudi Arabia has always influenced the role women were expected to play in the country. Before the oil-boom, women had to contribute to the family’s income by working inside and outside the house, as well as bearing children and rearing them. After the oil-boom and the sudden wealth from oil revenues, […]

Women, Sports and the Credibility of Religious Scholars

The participation of Saudi women in sports has always been disputed. Physical education was banned in girls’ schools, but allowed for boys. Majoring in sports education was not an option for female undergraduates, but was open to male students. Women were not allowed to compete as athletes in international sporting events or to join as spectators in national […]

From “Queens” and “Wrapped Candies” to Hashtag Activism

For a long time, there was a wide consensus among the Saudi population that a woman’s place belongs at home. The direct influence of religious figures played a key role in maintaining a patriarchal system that existed from home, all the way to governmental institutions. In the past, Saudi women accepted this patriarchal system and […]